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Growing up, we need a friend and confidant that we know we can to talk to about anythingproofread essay online and can keep our secrets. Often  times its that one favorite aunt who is fun yet brutally honest. The aunt who we can always approach if we had questions about  menstruation, boys, heartbreak, sex and everything in between. Topics that we would otherwise feel ashamed or uncomfortable to talk about with or ask anyone else. Aunty Jane is that kind of aunt!

Aunty Jane believes you have the right to bodily autonomy and integrity which means you have the right to make choices about your own body, and that you should have    access to quality services that support those choices.  Aunty Jane is here to make accurate information available to you to support you in making the best choices you can for yourself.

Aunty Jane addresses real issues that affect girls and young women on matters around sex, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Aunty Jane hotline provides confidential, reliable and safe information and referrals on:

  1. Contraceptives
  2. Unwanted pregnancy
  3. Counseling
  4. Law on Access to abortion Kenya
  5. Safe and legal Abortion
  6. Post abortion care
  7. Adoption services
  8. Referrals for Sexual and Gender based violence crisis management
  9. Referrals to HIV testing, counseling and services
  10. Counseling on STI’ s and referrals to services