Missed your period and wondering what is going on?

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“I have missed my periods or I am a few days late for my periods” this can be the most confusing and frustrating situation any woman or girl find herself in.  As much as missing periods can be attributed to so many other factors like hormonal imbalance, change of diet, change of weather conditions etc, the immediate thought that comes to mind when a girl or woman misses their period is PREGNANCY. The easiest way to find out if a woman is pregnant is to take a pregnancy test (urine test or ultrasound scan). One can access a pregnancy test at any pharmacy or health care facility near them, pregnancy test kit go for as little as 100 Ksh, and they come with very easy to use  instructions. Ultrasound Scan are slightly more expensive and can be done at most health facility near them.


A  planned pregnancy can be all exciting and something to look forward to but what happens when the pregnancy is unintended or unwanted for various reasons including: failed contraception, unprotected sex, sexual gender based violence or even unpreparedness to keep a pregnancy? Aunty Jane provides elaborate, confidential and reliable information on options available through counselling and makes effective referral to services to services.


If you have confirmed that you are pregnant (through a urine test or an ultrasound) and would like more information, the next step would be to calculate the gestation of your pregnancy, to know how far along you are on your pregnancy (This is approximately the duration since your woman’s last menstrual period (LMP) )


If you would like to know how far along you are in your pregnancy you can calculate your pregnancy gestation now with the help of the pregnancy calculator.


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