Female condoms

How it works

A soft, thin polyurethane sheath loosely lines the vagina and covers the area just outside, and stops sperm from entering the vagina.

Use a new condom each time and follow the instructions carefully.

  • 95% effective if used according to instructions
  • Can be put in any time before sex.
  • Can help protect both partners from STI / HIV.
  • Oil based products can be used with female condoms.
  • No serious side-effects.
  • Additional spermicide is not needed or recommended.
  • Sold online and in some pharmacies and free from govt health facilities and youth friendly facilities / clinics.
  • Putting it in can interrupt sex.
  • Need to make sure the man’s penis enters the condom & not between the vagina and the condom.
  • May get pushed into the vagina.
  • Not as widely available as male condoms.