Safe Abortion

Is abortion illegal?

Most people think it is always illegal, but it is not. According to the Kenyan law, there are instances where abortion is allowed.

Under the constitution of Kenya, abortion is allowed when:

  • Where there is danger to the life of the mother;
  • Where there is danger to the health of the mother (Health,as defined in the Health Act, 2017 is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease)
  • If there is need for emergency treatment of any kind; and
  • If allowed by any other written law (Besides enabling laws such as the Health Act 2017, this includes any other laws,policies, guidelines passed in Kenya or international treaties ratified by the state e.g. Under the Ministry of Health’s National Guidelines on Management of Sexual Violence 2014, rape survivors are allowed safe termination of pregnancy)
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What types of abortion are there?

There is surgical abortion and medical abortion.

Surgical abortion is performed by a registered doctor and involves as mall suction procedure to remove the zygote / foetus. It requires one to be in a hospital. It can be performed with minimal complications where the pregnancy is up to 20 weeks.

There is also medical abortion which entails one taking a combination of some specific pills to expel the foetus. This can be done both at the hospital or at home with someone close by to monitor. It is more effective when the pregnancy is still within the first trimester, that is up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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