Withdrawal Method

(Coitus interruptus)

How it works

A method of birth-control in which a man, during intercourse withdraws his penis from a woman's vagina prior to ejaculation.

The man then directs his ejaculate(semen) away from his partners vagina in an effort to avoid insemination.

  • Its 72% effective
  • Can be used by couples who wouldn’t mind about a pregnancy.
  • Can be used by couples who feel they cannot use any other kind of contraception or In areas where it is very difficult to get any other form of contraception.
  • Has got no side effects associated with hormonal contraception.
  • It has a high failure rate.
  • It’s easy to fail to withdraw early enough.
  • There may be sperms present in the 'pre-cum' of fluid that a man produces well before he actually ejaculates.
  • ln case of a repeat sexual act, the man needs to flush out any sperms still in the track by passing urine and washing his penis.
  • Coitus interrupts does lessen the pleasure of sex.
  • Does not protect against STDs or STls is viewed by medical professionals to be an in effective method of birth control.